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The farm is full of life

Our farm is bursting with life in the summer.  Fresh vegetables are available at our two roadside stands. New for 2021 is Flower Fridays in July.  Visit our new wildflower field and cut flower garden this year.   Sunflower season starts in August and is the pinnacle for the summer.  The golden fields glisten in the summer sunlight.  Visit during gold hour to view one of the most beautiful vistas in NEPA.  Use one of our many photo props to catch the perfect photograph.  Please only visit during a scheduled season.  Sorry we do not allow pets on the farm.


Sunflower Trail


Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Walk the trails through 30 acres of sunflowers, pick from our cutting field of over 20 varieties.  Enjoy the beauty of our  sunflowers, you can't help but smile. .  Experience what you never knew you needed.  Our sunflowers bloom in August, on a 

typical year, we open the first week of August and stay open for 3weeks.

Kids will enjoy the play areas and visiting the animals during sunflower season

Sweet corn is our specialty crop, it's what we are famous for.  Stop by one of our roadside stands and leisurely shop for the freshest that Pennsylvania can offer.  We grow corn, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, eggplant, cantaloupe, peppers and much more.  We also sell fresh local produce from other local farmers.  Our stands are self serve on Route 29 in Lemon and Tunkhannock just south of Walmart.

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