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  • Michele Brown

What happens if it rains?

So, you bought a ticket and now they are calling for rain, what can you do?

  1. Bring your umbrella and boots.

  2. We do not close for rain, such as passing showers.

  3. We do close for two reasons, an all day rain or snow. We also close if our parking lot

is not accessible because of serious rain. If you bought a ticket and we close ,

you will be able to defer to another day or we will refund.

4. We do not refund if we do not close.

My advice is if you are concerned about weather, wait and watch the weather and purchase your ticket a few days before your visit. I do expect weekends to sell out, so please be aware of that. We are so excited to have everyone back on the farm, we plan to open by May 1st. The next email will be your ticket link.

Here is the list of our recommendations for bulbs, you will be able to pre order these at the farm during your visit. Delivery in the fall. These are top quality Dutch grown bulbs.

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