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Photography guidelines

Answers to your questions

We love photographers on the farm and we also appreciate the family trying to catch that perfect shot in the field. I'm going to share some tips and guidelines to improve everyones experience.

  1. At this time we do not charge a professional fee to photographers, all you need is a general admission tickets.

  2. Please make sure your clients purchase a ticket immediately to match their appointment with you or you can purchase them all together. We do expect to sell out in popular time slots and dates.

  3. All of our props will be in the field, please do not use them for professional shoots if there is a line, If there is not a line, feel free to use them.

  4. Please note that we do not allow pets on the farm

  5. You are welcome to bring small props and tripods.

  6. When photographing do not put your subjects in the row of tulips, place them in the paths and always use the paths to walk the field.

  7. Please tag us when you post and we love receiving images from the talented photographers that visit each year. #brownhillfarms

  8. I will plan a few evenings, for golden hour photography.

  9. Tulips picked to use for photography must be purchased.

  10. I will try to open the field after the season has ended if we still have a nice spot for photo sessions.

  11. Reach out to me with a Pm if you need more information.

See you in the field,

Michele Brown

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